Types of Sites

Here is the list of sites that can join the Magic-Related banner exchange.  If you have any of theses sites you can join.  Remember we do offer target and blocking, so if you see a type of site you do not want to show then you can block it.  If there are sites that you would like to target, again you can pick those sites.

Magic Retail/Wholesale, Magic Wholesale, Magic Retail, Magazines/News,

Magicians Personal Pages, Magic Business Support, Directory/Search Engine,

Illusionist, Free Tricks, Clown, Juggling, Magic Clubs,

Chat/Forums, Tribute Sites, Hypnotists, Web Rings/Top Sites

Mentalists/Psychics, Specialty Magic, Auctions/Classifieds

Theatrical Pick pocketing, Special Effects, Novelty Sites, Wicca,

Ventriloquism, Other (non Magic)


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